Dominican Republic offers much more than the typical Caribbean attractions of sun, sand, and sea.

The beaches are spectacular, the weather is nice and warm all year round, and the Caribbean Sea is pristine, but the Dominican Republic is also a gorgeous island steeped in history and culture.

The Dominican Republic not only offers golfers some of the best Caribbean golf courses but also abundant amount of historical sites, museums, colonial architecture, the first University, first sugar mill, and first Catholic church in the Americas.

The Dominican Republic is located near the northern edge of the tropical zone in the Caribbean, between Cuba and Puerto Rico and enjoys a tropical maritime climate all year round. With an extension of 48,442 square kilometers, is the second largest country in the Antilles. The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo.


The Dominican Republic enjoys a year round tropical maritime climate. A latitude of 17° 36, - 19° 58, places the Dominican Republic at the border of the tropical zone. Sea breezes refresh the insular territory, evening out temperatures to average 23°C in the early mornings to 32°C at mid-day.

There is little difference between winter and summer temperatures with July averaging at 82ºF (28ºC) and January at 76ºF (23ºC). The lowest temperatures occur in the mountain areas near Constanza, where temperatures have dropped to 0°C, and record highs have been registered at the frontier with Haiti, 39°C in the summer.

The months of May to November are regarded as the rainy season. The hurricane season lasts from June through November, with August-September being the peak months.

Average High Average Low Average Rainfall


81 °f 71 °f 2.6 in / 66 mm


81 °f 71 °f 2.1 in / 53 mm


82 °f 71 °f 2.1 in / 53 mm


83 °f 72 °f 2.7 in / 68 mm


85 °f 73 °f 4.9 in / 124 mm


86 °f 75 °f 4.1 in / 104 mm
Average High Average Low Average Rainfall


86 °f 76 °f 3.1 in / 79 mm


87 °f 76 °f 4.1 in / 104 mm


87 °f 75 °f 4.0 in / 101 mm


86 °f 74 °f 6.0 in / 152 mm


84 °f 73 °f 4.6 in / 117 mm


82 °f 72 °f 3.1 in / 79 mm

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