How is living in Cap Cana?

Top 5 creative and innovative projects in Cap Cana

For those families living in Cap Cana, the city is a tropical paradise.


Located along the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, Cap Cana is a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and a vibrant community where everyone knows each other and shares the city’s amenities with privacy. Residents and visitors alike come together to enjoy a rich cultural scene, delicious cuisine with more than 35 restaurants, more than 3 km of beach and 5 km of coastline, and lively events year-round.


Safe and Secure Destination Can you imagine living in a place where your children can have outdoor fun without any worries and in complete tranquility? There aren’t many places like this in the world, and Cap Cana is one of them. The area is known for its upscale resorts, gated communities, and private developments, which each have their own security measures in place.


Also for children, in Las Canas, Cap Cana, you can find one of the best schools in the country, Cap Cana Heritage School, affiliated with Educación Integral, which has over 30 years of academic and administrative experience and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Endless Outdoor Adventures For outdoor enthusiasts, Cap Cana is a paradise waiting to be explored. Whether it’s teeing off at the Punta Espada Golf Course known for its stunning ocean views or Las Iguanas Golf Course currently under construction, or embarking on deep-sea fishing expeditions, or spending and afternoon at the Stables with the horses of playing Polo, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained. The Marina at Cap Cana is your gateway to boating, sailing, and water sports, offering endless possibilities for fun in the sun.

Luxury Living at Its Finest Cap Cana’s real estate offerings are as impressive as its natural surroundings. From luxurious beachfront villas to modern condominiums with ocean views, the real estate market here is diverse and caters to a range of preferences. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing outside your window and enjoying sunsets over the Caribbean Sea from your private terrace.

Natural Beauty Beyond Compare Cap Cana boasts some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the Caribbean. Miles of unspoiled white-sand beaches meet the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The stunning backdrop of lush palm trees and tropical foliage sets the stage for a life filled with tranquility and adventure.

Investment Opportunities Cap Cana presents not just a unique lifestyle but also excellent investment opportunities. The demand for prime real estate in this tropical paradise is on the rise, making it an ideal time to explore investment options that align with your goals.

Your Dream Lifestyle Awaits In Cap Cana, every day is a chance to live your dream. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or a bit of both, Cap Cana offers it all. Join the fortunate few who have discovered the magic of living in this slice of Caribbean paradise.

Ready to make Cap Cana your home? Explore our real estate listings and discover the perfect property to start your new chapter in this tropical haven.

New Projects

Top 5 creative and innovative projects in Cap Cana

Top 5 creative and innovative projects in Cap Cana

The real estate market in Cap Cana is revolutionizing the real estate industry in the Dominican Republic. Currently, there are more than 15 real estate projects under construction and for sale for both local and international individuals who want to invest in the Caribbean, especially in a Destination City like Cap Cana. Here, you can find amenities such as beaches, stables, farms, theme parks for recreation, sports centers, golf, and a marina, all in one location.

Many of these projects have brought significant innovation to the eastern region of the Dominican Republic and the entire Caribbean. An example of this is the first high-rise tower in the eastern Dominican Republic, 7 Mares, where you can find luxury beach condos just 800 meters from Juanillo Beach, with breathtaking views of the entire Caribbean Sea. Another project that will revolutionize tourism is El Dorado Water Park, which will be inaugurating its amphitheater in Cap Cana next week with none other than the great singer and artist Elton John.

How can we forget the grand real estate and 5 star luxury hotel project, the St. Regis Resort & Residences? Currently under construction, it will be the most luxurious hotel in the entire Dominican Republic, alongside 70 spectacular beachfront residences right next to the St. Regis Cap Cana Hotel and bordering the Punta Espada Golf Course. These properties will enjoy the privilege of hotel amenities such as exclusive beach access, panoramic and stunning sea and golf views, a sports bar, pools, a cinema, high-quality and luxury restaurants, among others. Here, we have luxury properties like the Astor’s Penthouse with 8 bedrooms and a 360-degree view of its astonishing surroundings.

Let’s not forget that Cap Cana is a Destination City (private) that spans 120 million square meters (36,000 acres). This city is continually growing, so its Master Plan will continue to develop in the coming years, and more real estate projects will emerge, revolutionizing the entire eastern region of our beautiful country and the Caribbean.

Keep following us, and visit our website to stay informed about what’s coming next and all the real estate investment opportunities in Cap Cana.

New Projects

Experts in the Real Estate Market of Cap Cana Why buy through us

Experts in the Real Estate of Cap Cana: Why buy through us?

Experts in the Real Estate Market of Cap Cana: Why buy through us?

Cap Cana is one of the most exclusive and prestigious tourist developments in the Dominican Republic. With its beautiful coast, Golf Courses, Marina, and other luxury amenities, Cap Cana attracts visitors from all over the world looking for a place to relax and enjoy a high-quality experience.

If you’re interested in investing in real estate in Cap Cana, it’s important to seek the help of an exclusive broker in the area. In this article, we’ll tell you the reasons why you should consider using the services of an exclusive broker in Cap Cana.

Market knowledge: An exclusive broker in Cap Cana has a deep knowledge of the real estate market in the area. They know property prices, market trends, and have a network of contacts that allow them to have access to the best properties available in the area.

Experience and professionalism: An exclusive broker in Cap Cana has experience in the real estate market and can help you make informed decisions based on their knowledge and experience in the area. Furthermore, they are committed to the highest level of professionalism and ethics in all their transactions.

Personalized service: When working with an exclusive broker in Cap Cana, you’ll have personalized service tailored to your needs. A good broker takes the time to understand your needs and desires and helps you find the perfect property that fits your requirements.

Access to exclusive properties for sale: An exclusive broker in Cap Cana has access to properties that are not available on the general market. These properties are exclusive and available only through an exclusive broker of Cap Cana, meaning you have a unique opportunity to acquire a unique and high-value property in the area.

Time and money savings: An exclusive broker in Cap Cana saves you time and money by handling all buying and selling transactions on your behalf. Additionally, they can help you find properties that fit your budget and needs, meaning you won’t have to spend time looking for properties that don’t fit your requirements.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy or sell properties in Cap Cana, you should consider using the services of an exclusive broker in the area. With their market knowledge, experience and professionalism, personalized service, access to exclusive properties, and ability to save time and money, an exclusive broker in Cap Cana is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality real estate experience in the area.

New Projects

St Regis Hotel & Residences cap cana Construction

Cap Cana New investment opportunities under construction

New investment opportunities in Cap Cana: +1,600 hotel and residential rooms under construction

Over the last 4 years Cap Cana has reinvented itself and has opened its doors to new real estate developments. In its entirety, Cap Cana has +3,591 hotel rooms and +5,380 residential rooms, of which +351 hotel rooms and +1,220 residential rooms are under construction.

On the Aides Real Estate Cap Cana website, you will be able to recognize many of these new residential developments under the section “new construction” such as 7 Mares, the first high-rising tower in the east of the Dominican Republic; Dezenove Golf Residences, with views to the Driving Range of Cap Cana’s second golf course and a Jack Nicklaus Signature, Las Iguanas; Icon Bay Residences and Seaview Place at Cap Cana, both projects overlooking the Caribbean Sea; Navio Puerto Sereno with a privileged location on the largest in-land Marina in the Caribbean; Green Moon Townhouses, the first townhouses in Cap Cana and just steps away from the commercial plaza in Green Village; and many other real estate developments; Juanillo Hill.

Also, don’t forget to click on our website the St. Regis Hotel & Residences in Cap Cana, which we can say is the most important development under construction in the Dominican Republic. Here we have the most luxurious beachfront apartments for sale on the island.

Get to know all these new projects, some already under construction and others in the pre-construction phase, their prices and more information by contacting us at

New Projects

Dezenove Golf Residences

Las Iguanas Golf Residence
  • Garden

  • Apartments

  • ViewsGolf
  • Bedrooms2 & 3
  • Price US $385K - 561K

Get to know our CEO (AIDES) Mariano Sanz

Get to know our CEO (AIDES) Mariano Sanz

Cap Cana finds itself in one of the best moments in its lifetime having grown in the past 3 years with more than fifteen different residence and hotel developments within the Destination City. As of right now, Cap Cana has +3,240 hotel rooms and +4,160 residential rooms in operation, apart from that +351 hotel rooms and +1,220 residential rooms are under construction. 


Mariano Sanz Lovatón, founder of Inversiones Aides, has been a key player in the development of Cap Cana, being one of its most important developers and real estate intermediaries. Therefore he has been invited to talk numerous times about his history in the 30,000 acre, master-planned multi-use luxury resort and what his strategy has been to evolve and remain during this 21 years of history. There are few people that know Cap Cana as well as our CEO does. 


If you are interested on hearing what he has to say about the Destination City and know the story of how this all started, click on the links below where you will find two different interviews:

Recognition to our team of Brokers by Cap Cana

An annual celebration is held in December by Cap Cana to celebrate the successes achieved each year. This year, the party took place on Friday, December 16, 2022 at the Punta Espada Golf Course clubhouse. In it, the directors of each department, and the president of Cap Cana, Jorge Subero, gave an award to those who have stood out throughout the years, and Aides Real Estate did not go unnoticed!

Among our team of brokers, Mariano Sanz, Gina Bonnelly, and Jorge Ivan Matos have been recognized for their contribution, dedication, and work done for the success of the Destination City Cap Cana throughout its 20 years. Mariano Sanz affirms when given the award: "Being our team and firm of exclusive brokers in Cap Cana the most experienced in Cap Cana and having sold a large part of the inventory from the origin to the present, we feel very proud to be recognized by the directors of this great tourist development."

Galería de imágenes


Aides Real Estate in Cap Cana for Mercado Magazine

The personalized service, persistence and perseverance of Mariano Sanz is what has allowed his company, Inversiones Aides, to become the sales leader in Cap Cana.

Mariano Sanz’s origins in Real Estate took place from the beginning of Cap Cana, in 2002. There, Mr. Sanz says he managed to acquire the necessary skills to form Inversiones Aides in 2006, a Real Estate Boutique specializing in luxury properties.

Being the only Real Estate Agent to remain since the beginning of Cap Cana, his brand has extensive knowledge of the development, history, and evolution of this destination. Consequently, Inversiones Aides has managed to become the company with the highest sales volumes, thus attracting a wide portfolio of local and international clients, always with the objective of promoting and selling Cap Cana locally and worldwide as a City Destination.


In the professional history of Mariano Sanz it has become clear that his success is not fortuitous, since together with Logroval and other partners, they are developing the first tower in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic in Cap Cana.

“I am an Engineer, my father is an architect and I grew up watching real estate developments of important dimensions. Thanks to this, what the knowledge of urban planning and the construction industry contributes to my profession has become the main tool for our success in the real estate market, because I believe that our differential value prevails there in the assistance of our customers. Likewise, it has allowed me to be part of one of the most attractive projects within Cap Cana, this being 7 Mares, the first high rising tower in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic”.

It may seem strange that Inversiones Aides is limited solely to the tourism market of this destination, however, Mr. Sanz clarifies "We decided to focus our activities on this tourist area because when we saw the Master Plan designed at the origin of Cap Cana, and knowing in depth the capacity of the developers involved, we realized the potential that it has thanks to the richness of its location and the diversity of amenities that it offers, thus making it a Destination City. Today more than ever, we continue to believe that marketing a product outside of Cap Cana is for us to disintegrate, since Cap Cana offers a very wide variety of real estate, in which much remains to be worked on”.


The reputation that Aides Real Estate may have is due to continuous work, perseverance, and vision of the future. "Since our main task is real estate sales, I think that the main key to our success lies within the continuous and post-sale service, since we seek to satisfy the needs of our buyers, recommending and guiding them throughout the process."


Inversiones Aides is part of the Cap Cana Real Estate team, which has the largest and most diverse inventory that it shares only with specialized sellers in Cap Cana. “In this way, it supplies us with all the properties available for sale within Cap Cana. The variety of the inventory and the extensive knowledge that we have of them allows us to find, previously evaluating our clients, options for all buyers and this has been an essential part of our success as sales leaders”.


As experts in the Real Estate market of Cap Cana, Aides Real Estate always seeks to satisfy the concerns of its clients, which vary depending on the type of person and the type of need of each family. In this sense, Mariano Sanz does not hesitate to affirm that “Throughout our 20 years in Cap Cana, we can say that we have seen various evolutions of thought in the purchase of real estate. By having both a national and international clientele, and thanks to the characteristics of this project, this diversity of cultures have teached us great things and we to them. It gives a lot of pleasure to show your country to a foreigner and that they highlight benefits that one might not have noticed”.

Undoubtedly, knowledge of the market and a solid service philosophy keep Inversiones Aides at the top.

Karisma Present New Hotel in Cap Cana

In a meeting with President Danilo Medina, the CEO of Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Rafael Féliz Germán, announced the construction of the El Dorado and Sensimar hotels in Cap Cana, Margaritaville in Punta Cana, as well as the expansion of the Nickelodeon Punta Cana Hotel, with a total investment of about US $ 300 million.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. October 18, 2017.- President of Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Rafael Féliz Germán, visiting the Dominican Republic’s President, Danilo Medina, announced the new investments that the international hotel corporation will be making in the Dominican Republic in the coming months, with a total investment of about US $ 300 million, and a generation of 3,000 direct jobs and 5,000 indirect jobs, through the new hotel developments.

Féliz Germán explained to Medina that by the spring of 2018, Karisma Hotels & Resorts will start construction of the El Dorado Resort and Sensimar Resort hotels in the Cap Cana tourist destination, which will have 250 rooms each, together with the Gourmet Inclusive® concept by Karisma and framed in a luxury hotel proposal for adults. The planned investment in these two new hotels is of about 130 million dollars.

The hotel executive added that, following the agreement signed in early 2017 with the Margaritaville Holdings hospitality brand, the first Margaritaville All Inclusive by Karisma luxury resorts are being developed, including the first Margaritaville in the Punta Cana area, whose construction is also planned for 2018. This luxury hotel complex will have about 350 rooms, with a friendly family style and with the true vision of fun, relaxation and the flagship concepts in food and drinks of Karisma and Margaritaville.

Regarding the Nickelodeon Punta Cana and Sensatori Punta Cana hotels, which are part of the first hotel complex built by Karisma Hotels & Resorts in the country, Rafael Féliz Germán announced that given the success obtained by both hotels, both in the country and International level, work is underway on the expansion of the Nickelodeon Punta Cana Hotel for 2018, with a proposal of 200 additional rooms to those already owned.

Rafael Féliz said that “The Dominican Republic and the Punta Cana destination have become one of the most important in the world, the result of the work done jointly by the public and private sector, and that is why our presence in the country is in the long term, adding Karisma with these new projects 1,250 hotel rooms to the country’s tourist proposal. We are very pleased to be able to offer new opportunities to Dominicans, to grow, improve their living conditions and be part of the development of our nation, “said Felix.

About Karisma Hotels & Resorts

Karisma Hotels & Resorts “is a renowned international hotel group, of Dominican origin, which operates distinguished properties and collections of luxury hotels along the Riviera Maya (Mexico), Jamaica, Colombia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and the Dominican Republic . It comprises a vast portfolio that includes: El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels, Azul Hotels & Villas by Karisma, Generations Resorts by Karisma, Allure Hotels by Karisma, Karisma Hotels Adriatic, Sensatori and Sensimar Hotels, Hidden Beach Au Natural Resort and Nickeloden Resorts. The consortium was founded in 2000 in the Dominican Republic by a group with backgrounds in strategic areas such as hotel operations, business development, sales, marketing and finance.

Throughout its history, these properties have been honored by the industry’s top honors, including Conde Nast Traveler’s “Top 100 Hotels in the World” and “Top 30 Hotels in Cancun”, “Best Hotels for Romance “By TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice, AAA’s” Four Diamond Award “,” The 10 Most Romantic Hotels “by Forbes,” Hotel of the Year “by TUI Travel PLC, and” Excellence Award “by Wine Spectator, among others. Karisma has received global recognition for its creative approach to hospital management and product innovation.

Karisma Hotels & Resorts is host to 27 Karisma Hotels & Resorts properties, among a number of 4,865 properties around the world. Its team consists of travel industry professionals specialized in hotel management, business development and financial services, integrated in the Consortium’s continuous growth to develop its capacity to create truly special vacations for all types of guests.

The 5 Best Adults Only All Inclusive Resorts

The 5 Best Adults Only All Inclusive Resorts

By Lindsey Olander
Planning your next spring break getaway? In the mood for a romantic escape for two? When only an adults getaway will do, these five best all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana deliver.

1 Excellence Punta Cana
Romance is all but guaranteed at this adults-only all-inclusive thanks to its slew of atmospheric, high-end restaurants, theater and casino entertainment, 24-hour room service, and included activities like scuba diving, paddle-boarding, and snorkeling off a dreamy palm-lined beach. While the buildings are colonial in style, guest room interiors are clean-lined and contemporary with stunning water views.

2 CHIC by Royalton Resorts
Whether you’re in the mood to relax or to mingle, CHIC by Royalton Resortsdoesn’t disappoint. The 323 rooms are sleek and modern, there are seven restaurants to choose from, and not one but two swim-up pool bars get the party started early. The poolside atmosphere skews more South Beach than Caribbean, with a private area reserved for guests who’ve booked a cabana for the day (or week) and a separate glass-walled mermaid pool where you can stay dry while taking in underwater views.

3 Sanctuary Cap Cana by AlSol
This adults-only getaway ranks near the top of almost every Punta Cana all-inclusive list. All five pools are beautifully designed and maximize ocean views, the seafood restaurant is excellent, and romantic thatch-roofed villas or honeymoon suites all come with their own private plunge pools. Along with a dreamy white-sand beach setting, guests are also treated to beach bonfires, kayaking and, for something different, cooking and Spanish lessons.

4 Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana
With a sugar-white beach as your backyard and lush vegetation everywhere, this luxury property offers a true Caribbean escape. Despite the size of this 460-room resort, an intimate, romantic feeling wins out at the restaurants, which range from Italian to Japanese to casual American. After days spent relaxing by the river pool or enjoying included activities like kayaking and sailing, try your luck at the on-site casino, then go for cocktails at one of 17 bars and lounges.

5 Catalonia Royal Bravo
At this Bavaro Beach hotel, guests can spend their days simply reading under a thatched umbrella on the hotel beach or swimming and snorkeling just offshore. If you’re here for a special occasion (or just want to indulge), spring for one of the luxurious two-story suites, which come with private infinity pools and gardens. There’s no shortage of restaurants on site, from vegetarian options and Southeast Asian fare to grilled seafood and tapas, all served with water views.

The Good Life of Golf in Punta Cana

Five days might not be enough to enjoy everything that Punta Cana offers us in the Dominican Republic. It is true. The endless panoramas to live a vacation accompanied by rounds of golf in outstanding fields may be insufficient, because it has to be the paradise where you are always amazed.

This year the Dominican Republic Golf Travel Exchange, the first and only marketing event that aims to consolidate golf in the Dominican Republic, gave us five days to live in first person the experience of sharing with the main tour operators, enjoy the secrets of Cap Cana Resort & Spa, visit in tours other luxury hotels and finally play a two-day tournament in epic fields such as Casa de Campo’s Teeth of the Dog and Cap Cana’s Punta Espada.

On the first day, with 70 international delegates, representing 35 tour operator companies, as well as 17 international media specializing in the golf industry, the event was inaugurated led by Mr. Teddy De Lara. The president of Target Marketing Consultors, the organizer of the event, confirmed that “in the last five years golf tourism in Dominican territory has grown by more than 45%, according to data released by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) “.

The second day of this event allowed to participate in the seminar commanded by James J. Keegan and Kelly Fullford. The first, Top Ten Golf consultants, explained the reasons for success on golf courses. While Kelly, representative of GolfNow, addressed the development of golf trips in the world and specifically in the Caribbean.

The Secrets of Cap Cana Resort & Spa

As we said at the outset, five days may not be enough to enjoy all that this resort offers. After the seminar we had the opportunity to visit the Hoyo Azul and Zip Line, located no more than ten minutes from the hotel. Simply astonishing. The Hoyo Azul hides in the jungle to bathe in a natural pool displaced in a cave, whose depth is of 75 meters. The Zip Line is for the more daring, where a canopy circuit offers the experience of vertigo to observe the landscape of Cap Cana from the altitudes.

The Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa offers luxurious rooms with a complete view of the Caribbean Sea. The beach? A paradise. It is the garden of the hotel to give you complete relaxation with various services available. The bars also accompany you in this stay, having two on the beach and others installed in the swimming pool. What to say about the restaurants. Guests can choose from more than five different cultural options. A minor detail: If you stay at the hotel, all the benefits listed are included and what you get out of your wallet you only use to tip the good services of the employees.

Golf in Punta Cana.

During this stay in the DR Golf Travel Exchange 2017 two fields were played for the tournament: Teeth of Dog and Punta Espada. Also known as Dog’s Tooth, it is approximately 45 minutes from Cap Cana. The court is located inside another Luxury Resort: Casa de Campo. There they move three courts and if you have to choose one, that has to be Teeth of the Dog.

The course was designed by Peter Dye, acclaimed builder who has made Teeth of the Dog the No. 49 field of the leading American magazine Golf Magazine. Mainly the lifting of holes surrounded by the Caribbean sea make this field known. But, in fact, it goes beyond the landscape.

Dye built this course so that any golfer, from the lowest handicap to the highest handicap, can play it. This is because there are different games, making it challenging for the good and enjoyable for beginners. The fairways are wonderful, just like their greens whose entries are possibly the most complex of the course. Before reaching them, there are ripples that do not allow them to be pointed if you do not poke the ball inside the perimeter. A meter before and physics will do the same. As for the amenities, they are perfect. Adapt carts and, where possible, carry a caddy. This will make it much easier to return to enjoy it.

Punta Espada

Staying in Cap Cana, Punta Espada is the perfect court to play. It is only 10 minutes from the hotel. We are talking about a field designed and supervised by Jack Nicklaus. There is no question on why it is ranked number 76 in the world by Golf Digest. It is also surrounded by holes along the sea and its fairway is a delicacy, whose greens are the end point of a perfect course. Here, for example, a PGA Tour Champions tournament was hosted. No need to describe its characteristics, they speak for themselves and it’s for you to find out for yourself.

DR Golf Travel Exchange, along with the Ministry of Tourism, Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa, Casa de Campo Resort, Cap Cana, AlSol Hotels & Resorts, Punta Espada Golf Course, Scape Park and EITI DMC have made this great experience possible and where you can start programming yourself, thanks to the hospitable reception to guests provided by hotels

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