The personalized service, persistence and perseverance of Mariano Sanz is what has allowed his company, Inversiones Aides, to become the sales leader in Cap Cana.

Mariano Sanz’s origins in Real Estate took place from the beginning of Cap Cana, in 2002. There, Mr. Sanz says he managed to acquire the necessary skills to form Inversiones Aides in 2006, a Real Estate Boutique specializing in luxury properties.

Being the only Real Estate Agent to remain since the beginning of Cap Cana, his brand has extensive knowledge of the development, history, and evolution of this destination. Consequently, Inversiones Aides has managed to become the company with the highest sales volumes, thus attracting a wide portfolio of local and international clients, always with the objective of promoting and selling Cap Cana locally and worldwide as a City Destination.


In the professional history of Mariano Sanz it has become clear that his success is not fortuitous, since together with Logroval and other partners, they are developing the first tower in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic in Cap Cana.

“I am an Engineer, my father is an architect and I grew up watching real estate developments of important dimensions. Thanks to this, what the knowledge of urban planning and the construction industry contributes to my profession has become the main tool for our success in the real estate market, because I believe that our differential value prevails there in the assistance of our customers. Likewise, it has allowed me to be part of one of the most attractive projects within Cap Cana, this being 7 Mares, the first high rising tower in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic”.

It may seem strange that Inversiones Aides is limited solely to the tourism market of this destination, however, Mr. Sanz clarifies "We decided to focus our activities on this tourist area because when we saw the Master Plan designed at the origin of Cap Cana, and knowing in depth the capacity of the developers involved, we realized the potential that it has thanks to the richness of its location and the diversity of amenities that it offers, thus making it a Destination City. Today more than ever, we continue to believe that marketing a product outside of Cap Cana is for us to disintegrate, since Cap Cana offers a very wide variety of real estate, in which much remains to be worked on”.


The reputation that Aides Real Estate may have is due to continuous work, perseverance, and vision of the future. "Since our main task is real estate sales, I think that the main key to our success lies within the continuous and post-sale service, since we seek to satisfy the needs of our buyers, recommending and guiding them throughout the process."


Inversiones Aides is part of the Cap Cana Real Estate team, which has the largest and most diverse inventory that it shares only with specialized sellers in Cap Cana. “In this way, it supplies us with all the properties available for sale within Cap Cana. The variety of the inventory and the extensive knowledge that we have of them allows us to find, previously evaluating our clients, options for all buyers and this has been an essential part of our success as sales leaders”.


As experts in the Real Estate market of Cap Cana, Aides Real Estate always seeks to satisfy the concerns of its clients, which vary depending on the type of person and the type of need of each family. In this sense, Mariano Sanz does not hesitate to affirm that “Throughout our 20 years in Cap Cana, we can say that we have seen various evolutions of thought in the purchase of real estate. By having both a national and international clientele, and thanks to the characteristics of this project, this diversity of cultures have teached us great things and we to them. It gives a lot of pleasure to show your country to a foreigner and that they highlight benefits that one might not have noticed”.

Undoubtedly, knowledge of the market and a solid service philosophy keep Inversiones Aides at the top.

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