Cap Cana is a unique ecological wonder in the Dominican Republic. The explorations made in the forests of the project have resulted in the incredible discovery of species of plants and animals that constitute for new scientific research. As a result, Cap Cana has become the most treasured ecotourism pole in the country.

Our coast are visited by hunchback whales, marine turtles and other exotic species. The archaeological wealth, still undiscovered, is one of most important ecological areas of the Dominican Republic. In addition, we have the only protected population of iguanas (cyclura cornuta) of the East, excluding those that live in the National Park of the East. An undetermined number of species of reptiles and insects inhabit this part of the earth. Their main refuges are the fascinating caves, carsticas depressions  and majestic bluffs that border this mega project.

Exploration and investigation continue and it is very probable that other botanical, zoological and archaeological treasures will be discovered. We invete visitors to discover the hidden archeological paradise that only Cap Cana can offer.



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